Capitol Beat: Colorado General Assembly Adjourns

Your Water Colorado Blog

By Larry Morandi

The Colorado General Assembly closed out its 2018 session on May 9. The legislature took final action on two of the six bills previously reported in this “Capitol Beat” series, passing one (SB18-218, Funding Colorado Water Conservation Board Projects) and defeating the other (HB18-1301, Water Quality Impacts of Mineral Mining). Here’s the status of all six bills, with a few additional comments on related legislation. Detailed summaries of each can be found in the earlier blogs.

Enacted into Law

HB18-1008—Aquatic Nuisance Species: Mussel-Free Colorado Act

HB18-1093—Reclaimed Domestic Wastewater Use on Edible Crops

HB18-1199—Aquifer Storage and Recovery

Passed House and Senate; Awaiting Governor’s Action

SB18-218—Funding Colorado Water Conservation Board Projects

Defeated in Committee

HB18-1151—Deficit Irrigation and Alternative Transfer Mechanisms (at the request of the Senate sponsor)

HB18-1301—Water Quality Impacts of Mineral Mining

In addition to these six bills…

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