2018 #COleg: Governor Hickenlooper signs the “Mussel-Free Colorado Act”

Pueblo Reservoir

From KRDO.com (Alexis Dominguez):

Governor Hickenlooper was in Pueblo introducing the Mussel-Free Colorado Act.

It provides funding for inspections of boats to help keep invasive species of mussels out of Colorado water.
The mussels often create problems as they attach to rocks, docks and boats — clogging pipes.

Under the law, Colorado residents will be required to buy a $25 Aquatic Nuisance Species sticker for their boat, while non-residents will pay $50.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Director, Bob Broscheid explains how this fee will help.

“It’s paying into program that will allow us to continue to monitor, prevent any infested vessels from coming into the state of Colorado,” Broscheid said. “It’s basically the inspection system that we funded at all of our state parks that tries to intercept any contaminated boats.”

Invasive mussels have not been a big problem in Colorado and lawmakers hope this act will keep it from becoming one.

The fee will help pay for the cost of decontamination.

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