@EPA assures partners will take part in lawsuit settlement talks — The #ColoradoSprings Independent

Fountain Creek photo via the Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District

From The Colorado Springs Independent (Pam Zubeck):

The latest chapter is a March 25 letter obtained by the Indy from the DOJ to the state Health Department and Colorado Attorney General’s Office. In it, DOJ Acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Wood says the federal government will “welcome and anticipate the full involvement of the State and intervenors in any such discussions with the City.”

That contrasts with the EPA’s unilateral action to reopen settlement negotiations with the city recently β€” without consulting other plaintiffs β€” after a year-long settlement discussion failed last year. The lawsuit is set for trial in August.

One thought on “@EPA assures partners will take part in lawsuit settlement talks — The #ColoradoSprings Independent

  1. Pam,
    July 5th 2018
    Thank You πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
    for All your efforts in keeping those of us that are interested enough and have the time to give A Dam about what’s happening to our Drainage Water Ways, and our good neighbors to the South, of Colorado Springs,
    ((Cause And Effect))
    We at (HPR) and (TCG’S) have been waiting for (10+) ten plus years for the opportunity to make our case about (DFSW’S) Developed Flow Storm Waters, that are destroying portions of the PeacockRanch and Tin Can Granny’s properties,
    All approved, Colorado Springs Public Works Department, and or Planning Commission and City Council of C/S with full knowledge that they All were making Decisions that were in Violation of their ( 1979 MS-4,1.)
    Storm Water Permit.
    (When Is Enough A Enough πŸ‘Ί,)
    Ross W. Clinger
    0perations Manager
    Historic Peacock Ranch (HPR)
    Tin Can Granny’s LLC (TCG’S)

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