The tyranny

“Life in a drought in the age of climate change imbues the days with uncertainty, throwing an anxious shadow over the future.” — Katie Klingsporn

Katie Klingsporn

The first drops of rain begin a gentle patter as soon as I get out of the car, a staccato of plinks on the windshield. No surprise; I didn’t exactly get an alpine start for this  hike. In fact, I spent the morning watching the clouds building over here, stacking up and collapsing on themselves like an overdone meringue. When the ferocity of the sun blazing down on the lowlands became too much, I got in the car and headed this direction.

I start hiking, dog in front ranging through the ponderosas in search of the ever-elusive squirrel. The rain falls gently, a cool sprinkle, antidote to another hot summer day in the mountains of southwestern Colorado, to a dry spell that has run on far too long. The landscape opens up its pores, drinks in the much-needed moisture. The forest begins to burst forth in the intoxicating perfumes that…

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