Environment Colorado gathering signatures in support of stronger emission standards #ActOnClimate #RiseForClimated

Rush hour on Interstate 25 near Alameda. Screen shot The Denver Post March 9, 2017.

From KOAA.com:

As the state’s Air Quality Control Commission has agreed to look into establishing emission standards for new cars in Colorado, there’s a group working to gather signatures in support of stricter standards to the members.

Environment Colorado is a statewide citizen advocacy group with a stated mission protecting our land, water and air. News5 saw the group in Acacia Park talking to people about their initiatives.

One of their goals is to increase the number of cars on the road with clean technology built in to reduce emissions.

However, the accepted emission level is still under debate. The standards would not apply to cars already under sale or used vehicles.

The Air Quality Control Commission is set to decide on new standards in mid-November.

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