Colorado Cattlemen’s Ag Water NetWORK initiates survey of agricultural producers on watershed management planning

Photo credit: Bob Berwyn

From the Colorado Cattleman’s Ag Water NetWORK via The Fencepost:

Colorado Cattlemen’s Association Ag Water NetWORK is surveying agricultural producers to determine their familiarity with watershed management plans. The state water plan sets a goal of having 80 percent of critical watersheds covered by watershed management plans by 2030. The plan sets a similar goal for locally prioritized streams.

The web-based survey asks producers about their water-related needs and priorities, and solicits feedback on their interests in being involved in local watershed management planning efforts.

Producers who are interested in participating in the survey can follow this link,

Watershed management plans are developed through locally led efforts that address the needs of a diverse set of local water interests. The watershed management planning and implementation process evaluates local water resources, identifies needs, and secures funding to implement solutions that help protect and improve existing uses, including agricultural, and support healthy rivers and streams.

Colorado’s farmers and ranchers own and control much of the water and land in Colorado, so their involvement in shaping local watershed management plans is crucial to creating comprehensive, well-balanced plans.

The results of the survey will be used to guide outreach about watershed management planning and its importance to agricultural producers. Training will also be provided to ag-oriented individuals seeking to engage in local watershed management planning efforts. Partial funding for the project comes from a grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board.

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