#Snowpack news:

Statewide basin-filled snowpack map February 17, 2019 via the NRCS.

From The Pagosa Sun (Chris Mannara):

The Upper San Juan site snowpack totals remain unchanged from last week, with minimal snowfall occurring in the past week.

Levels remain stagnant at 83 percent of median, according to data from the Natural Resources Conser- vation Service (NRCS).

“We really want to see this thing get to at least 100 percent,” NRCS Dis- trict Conservationist Jerry Archuleta said, also acknowledging that the San Juan site is not losing ground, but holding steady.

Additionally, each snowpack basin with snowpack levels is at or above 100 percent of median except for one.

The San Miguel, Dolores, Animas and San Juan River basins are up to 100 percent of median as of Feb. 13, up from last week’s total of 99 percent of median.

Snowpack totals for the Upper Rio Grande Basin remain the same as last week at 97 percent of median.

The Yampa and White River basins saw their snowpack levels drop a bit, falling to 106 percent of median from last week’s total of 111 percent of median.

The Arkansas River Basin’s totals dropped 10 percentage points from last week to this week, specifically falling from 126 percent of median to 116 percent of median.

More decreases were recorded for the Laramie and North Platte basins, with snowpack totals of 104 percent of median, down from last week’s 106 percent of median.

Current totals at the South Platte River Basin are 108 percent of median, down from last week’s total of 111 percent of median.

The Gunnison River Basin and snowpack levels of 109 percent of median and 112 percent of median, respectively.

Last week, the Gunnison River Basin was 110 percent of median and the Upper Colorado River Basin was 113 percent of median.

The Wolf Creek summit was 100 percent of the Feb. 13 peak and 63 percent of the median peak.

Last week, the summit was 93 percent of peak and 56 percent of the median peak.

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