Clear Creek/Central City superfund site to get $5 million in stimulus dough

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“This funding is going to help speed up efforts to clean up this site, bringing us closer to the goal of restoring this watershed, which extends from the Continental Divide to the Denver metro area,” Senator Udall said. “Not only will it create jobs now, but it will strengthen the local communities and protect a watershed that supplies more than 50,000 Coloradans with drinking water. This is exactly why we worked so hard to pass the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and I’m very pleased to join Senator Bennet and Congressman Polis in announcing these funds.”[…]

The new money for the Clear Creek/Central City site will accelerate the cleanup of the 400-square-mile Clear Creek watershed that is impacted by wastes from historic mining activities. Improvements will include the consolidation and capping of mine waste piles, sediment control and water treatment to mitigate heavy metals impacts to Clear Creek, a tributary of the South Platte River. Work at the site will also reduce metals entering the watershed which supplies water to Denver-area residents.. For more information on the implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, please visit or

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2 thoughts on “Clear Creek/Central City superfund site to get $5 million in stimulus dough

  1. EDI, inc, my environmental company, is the number one environmental company in CO. We are the two-time recepient of the CO Environmental Achievement Award among a host of other kudos. We removed more asbestos in 2008 than all other CO companies combined except for 3 and we doubled their amounts.
    My point is how can we be of service. We never see or hear of this work coming to bid. We have major experience in the removal of hazardous materials and substances, espeically with soils abatement and remediation. Obviously there will be more remediation, abatement and removal of substances form water and soils for this site.
    We would like to be part of the cleaning of Colorado. We are under the impression that its the out-of-state companies that receive the lions share if not all fo the major environmental work. This, to us, the people that work and love CO are shut out of even a possibility of bidding such work. Please pass this along. I have tried every avenue I can think of. I don’t know to whom I’m actually writing. I just throw this out to anyone who will talke a look and hopefully, someone will read and help us get some work in our own state. We are a CO Green Contractor and have been long before it was the popular thing to be. Were Coloradans and love our state likeno other contractor can. Feel free to contact me with any help or direction in order to take part of the environmental clean-up of my state. I do believe the monies spent for contactors should be spent and re-invested in CO. Sure the out-of-staters may employ a few CO people, but the majority of that profit goes out of state and is invested there. We are the best, as good or much better than any other company; not to even receive consideration is apalling. If you can help us then thanks. If not, thanks anyway.


    John Sevier

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