El Paso County to look at septic pollution of groundwater?

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Three special districts in El Paso county are willing to bank a proposed study of septic pollution of groundwater, according to a report from Pam Zubeck writing for the Colorado Springs Gazette. From the article:

“Are septic systems causing problems with aquifers? The answer is yes,” said development code administrator Mark Gebhart.

Before 1980, developers were limited to one home per five-acre tract to avoid well contamination. In 1980, the rule changed to allow 2.5-acre lots. Since then, wells and septics have been allowed on even smaller lots if developers showed there wouldn’t be contamination. Now, a state study and anecdotal evidence suggest septic tanks might be fouling water wells…

[Tim Hunker with the Meridian Service Metropolitan District] and officials with the Upper Black Squirrel Groundwater Management District and Cherokee Metropolitan District said they’ll help fund a well-water study. Gebhart said a similar study in Jefferson County triggered development restrictions in areas where aquifers were susceptible to sewage leaks due to shallowness or bedrock cracks. Commissioners said they support a study, but it’s unclear when it will be done…

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