Summit County: Boat inspections for invasive mussels

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From the Vail Daily (Caitlin Row):

With the Dillon Reservoir likely to open for boating by Memorial Day, Dillon is championing education about boat inspections to keep aquatic nuisance species — mainly zebra/quagga mussels — out of the water. “This is a serious matter that is not being taken lightly,” said Dillon Chief of Police Joe Wray. A new Dillon law requires inspection of all boats before and after they enter Dillon Reservoir…

Wray also wants to reinforce the two access point to the reservoir — the Dillon and Frisco marinas. Dillon has barricaded boat access points that people could use in previous years. “We’re trying to reinforce them so people can’t enter or exit outside of business hours,” Wray said. “Whether we are paying for it or Denver Water is, I don’t know.” Wray has been working with Frisco in taking safety precautions against non-native species, like zebra mussels, that could threaten Dillon Reservoir’s ecosystem and the water infrastructure of the state. Dillon and Frisco police will assist marina boat inspectors, Wray said, in enforcing its boat-inspection ordinance. For more information, contact the Dillon Marina (970) 468-5100 or Frisco Bay Marina (970) 668-4334.

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