Woodland Park: Council okays rate increase for Teller County Water and Sanitation District 1

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From the Pikes Peak Courier View (Norma Engelberg):

One resolution was a rate increase for water provided to Teller County Water and Sanitation District 1, a special district located north of Woodland Park in the county. Sixty percent of the district is surrounded by city. With the district’s small tank offline for contamination prevention upgrades after contamination was found last year, Woodland Park utilities has an agreement to provide water on an emergency basis, such as when a fire causes a need for increased water flow. “Even when the tank goes back online this summer, the district still might not have enough water for certain emergencies,” said Woodland Park utilities director Jim Schultz. An earlier agreement set the water rate at the 1996 prices — $6.50 per thousand gallons. The new resolution makes the rate current — $9.75 per thousand gallons — and allows it to rise or fall as city water rates change.

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