Wolford Mountain Reservoir: Open with inspections for invasive mussels

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From the Sky-Hi Daily News:

With Wolford Mountain Reservoir boat ramp opening on May 1, boat owners are finding a new procedure at the launch area: Mandatory boat and trailer inspections for mussel contamination. The Colorado River District, owner of the reservoir on Muddy Creek, instituted the inspections to prevent the reservoir from being contaminated by invasive quagga and zebra mussels…

“Every boat entering the area will be inspected prior to launch,” said reservoir operator Kem Davidson, who works with campground concessionaire Jeff Miller, both of Kremmling. Boat owners will find an inspection area near the ramp. If boats are deemed “clean, drained and dry,” they will be allowed in the water. When owners pull out their boat, they will be given a motor tag specifically for Wolford Reservoir. As long as the tag remains intact, Wolford officials explained, the boater can relaunch at Wolford, bypassing inspection. If a boat is judged contaminated, meaning that it is dirty or that water drains from the motor when lowered, it will need to be decontaminated with a power washer prior to launch. The decontamination area is in the back of the Day Use parking area at the reservoir. The pressure washing facilities are up and running so no boat will be turned away, Davidson said.

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