Colorado Wyoming Coalition: Frank Jaeger pitches alternative Flaming Gorge Pipeline in Green River

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The coalition of Colorado and Wyoming water providers hoping to build an alternative to the Million Conservation Resources Group pipeline from Flaming Gorge recently sent Parker Water and Sanitation’s Frank Jaeger up to Wyoming to pitch their ideas to the Green River Advisory Group. Here’s a report from Jack H. Smith writing for the Green River Star. From the article:

At the conclusion of the Green River Basin Advisory meeting Thursday, Frank Jaeger of the Parker, Colo., Water and Sewer District approached both members of the group and general public, with preliminary discussion about a water diversion project. “We are trying to open a door to say we want to talk to you,” Jaeger said. “We want to hear your concerns.” Jaeger said he has looked at Million’s proposal and could not believe or understand what he had proposed.

While Jaeger did say he wanted to open the door to discuss the issue with local residents, he was emphatic that he is “not looking at taking Wyoming’s water.” Instead, he is trying to get Colorado’s allotted water from the Colorado River Compact. He added unlike the Million project, this is being proposed by public entities.

Sweetwater County Commissioner Paula Wonnacott attended the meeting, and discussed the issue at the commission’s meeting Tuesday. Wonnacott said these people came after Aaron Million to make them look “like the good guys.” She said the county has more to worry about than Million, with the consortium of groups from Colorado and counties in eastern Wyoming. “This fight is only beginning and it’s going to be a long fight,” Wonnacott said…

A workshop has been scheduled for county and municipal water users next Tuesday at 6 p.m. The meeting will take place at the Green River City Council chambers. “It’s important for all the water users in the area to come to this workshop,” Wonnacott said. “There are lots of people out there who want our water.”

Million’s pipeline plans have garnered attention from across the pond. Here’s an article from Charles Laurence writing for the The First Post. From the article:

Aaron Million is planning to pipe billions of gallons of river water from wild Wyoming to the suburban sprawl of Colorado, which makes him the man firing the first shot in the water wars expected from global climate change. He does not see it that way. Million believes that he is an environmentalist with a vision for quenching the thirst of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, where developers have covered thousands of acres of dry plains from Denver to Colorado Springs with houses, shopping malls and mega-churches. He thinks that he can do this without damage to the Green River basin in the mountains of Wyoming, a state defined as mostly desert.

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