Invasive mussels: Lake Pueblo report

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From the Colorado Springs Gazette:

Officials at Lake Pueblo State Park, a popular destination for Colorado Springs boat owners, say inspections for zebra mussels have found three boats carrying the invasive creatures during the past month…

One of the boats flagged at Lake Pueblo, a cabin cruiser that had been on the Mississippi River for two years, had more than 100 mussels attached to its bottom, officials said. All three boats were decontaminated and allowed to enter the lake. Inspections turned up zebra mussels on two boats at the reservoir last year, said Colorado State Parks spokeswoman Deb Frazier.

More coverage from the Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

The three boats were each decontaminated, using water heated to about 140 degrees, and dried out thoroughly prior to entering the lake. Lake Pueblo has a permanent decontamination station. Inspectors said one of the boats had over 100 adult mussels attached to the bottom. The vessel, from Missouri, was a cabin cruiser and had been on the Mississippi River for two years. Another boat, a houseboat from New York, had two dead mussels on the lower surface. The third was from Lake Pleasant in Arizona. Samples of the mussels from each of the three boats have been sent for testing to determine whether they are zebra or quagga mussels.

More Coyote Gulch coverage here and here.

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