Green Mountain Reservoir: Regulations to combat invasive mussels

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Here’s an update on the USFS’s boating regulations at Green Mountain Reservoir aimed at preventing the introduction of invasive mussels at the lake, from Bob Berwyn writing for the Summit Daily News. From the article:

Effective immediately, the lake bed and low-water beaches will be closed to all vehicles. Boat launching will be subject to checkpoint inspections to comply with new state regulations. “Access must be narrowed down to limited locations to inspect and treat, if necessary, boats before entering the lake,” said Jan Cutts, District Ranger on the Dillon Ranger District…

Normally, fishermen would be preparing for beach launches and setting up trailer camps at the beaches along the south end of the reservoir. This year they’ll have to wait until the Heeney Marina opens on May 15. The marina will be the only authorized checkpoint at the start of the season…

In a release, Forest Service officials said, “Effective immediately, vehicle access to the lakebed will be closed. Vehicle access will be available above the high-water line once traffic controls are in place. No trailered watercraft will be allowed on the reservoir until watercraft inspection and disinfection stations can be established. It is hoped that the WID facilities and staffing will be operating by Memorial Day weekend.” Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Dillon Ranger District office at (970) 468-5400.

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