Colorado River adaptive management program update

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From the New York Times (April Reese):

After 13 years of experimentation, a collaborative program aimed at reversing some of the ecological damage wrought by Glen Canyon Dam in the Grand Canyon’s stretch of the Colorado River has failed to live up to its congressional mandate, critics within the program say. And even as the science on the river’s health points in the direction of flow changes that would mimic natural conditions, members of the 25-member Adaptive Management Work Group remain entrenched along old battle lines that pit power producers and Colorado River Basin states against environmental groups and wildlife agencies concerned about the river’s ecological decline. The result is a policy stalemate that has effectively kept Glen Canyon Dam operating under the same conditions as in 1992, when Congress passed the Grand Canyon Protection Act, calling on the Interior Department and stakeholders to figure out ways to “protect, mitigate adverse impacts to, and improve” conditions within Grand Canyon National Park’s river corridor.

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