Ruedi Reservoir: Invasive mussels regulations

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From the Aspen Times (Janet Urquhart):

Ruedi, located east of Basalt, will see periodic inspections via one of several roving inspection and decontamination stations the Colorado Division of Wildlife will employ this summer. When the station is not operating at the Ruedi Creek boat ramp, on the west end of the reservoir, boaters will be on the honor system to make sure they’re complying with new state regulations aimed at halting the spread of zebra and quagga mussels…

In addition, gates and barriers will be installed in the ramp area to funnel traffic when the inspection station is present, he said. “We’re kind of just promoting the theme that boaters should expect to be inspected this year,” said Jerry Neal, public information officer for the Division of Wildlife. How frequently the roving station will be at Ruedi is difficult to say, but busy weekends are likely to be targeted, Kenealy predicted. “They’re basically going to be moving to different locations almost daily, Neal said. “It kind of depends on where we see the need.” A reservoir experiencing heavy boater activity may see the station remain in place for several days, he said.

New regulations this year require all out-of-state boaters to have their boat and trailer inspected before launching into any lake or waterway in Colorado, Neal said. In-state boaters who leave Colorado and return must also seek out an inspection. Also, any boat that has been in any Colorado reservoir where mussels have been detected must be inspected before launching at a new location. The new regulations are aimed at trailored watercraft. Hand-launched crafts such as canoes and kayaks are not considered a high risk for spreading mussels and may launch without an inspection…

Mandatory inspections and limited launch hours will also be in place for the first time at Turquoise Lake near Leadville and at Twin Lakes, located east of Aspen over Independence Pass. The inspections will take place from Memorial Day to Labor Day, said Jon Morrissey, Forest Service district ranger in Leadville. In addition, one of two ramps at each of those reservoirs will be closed, he said.

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