Open University: Bottled Water

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The bottled water industry is fairly new to the scene. They’re making a lot of dough but recently a lot of opposition has been bubbling up because of it’s non-sustainable aspects.

Here’s a link to a lecture from iTunes U on the subject. It’s targeted at the UK so you get to have some fun doing quick metric conversions.

I tried to find a YouTube or other video link but I was unsuccessful. It may only work on a Macintosh or possibly a Windows machine running iTunes.

Update: Here’s a link to the video from Thomas Wiradikusuma. He left it in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Open University: Bottled Water

  1. The sad note on this “wake up call” article is that these numbers pale to the effects being referred to that are created by bottled sodas that has been building up for years beyond bottled water. Carbonated, sugary or chemically sweetened drinks by far outnumber the number of bottled waters that can affect our environment. However, that is only speaking of the environment of the earth, not of our bodies.

    Clearly not many bottled waters are even healthy for the environment inside our bodies but, it far surpasses the effects of the carbonated, sweet drinks that are guzzled at a rate that far outnumbers the consumption of water. Where is the article about that?

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