Runoff news

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From The Mountain Mail (Christopher Kolomitz):

Recent temperature surges increased flow in the Arkansas River to 2,400 cubic feet per second Monday afternoon – high above the 100 year average of about 1,000 cfs…

The surge above the 100 year average at Salida started about 10 days ago when the river was running at about 800 cfs. A big jump in flow occurred May 12 and the river has been climbing steadily ever since…

A majority of the water in the river Tuesday was native flow. Outflow from Twin Lakes was about 845 cfs Monday, while inflow to the lakes from Lake Creek was 1,560 cfs. “What is spilling is the pass through – what (Twin Lakes) are not entitled to store,” Scanga said. O’Haver Lake, Boss Lake and Cottonwood Lake, storage reservoirs operated by the district, are full, he said. North Fork Reservoir isn’t storing any water and is about half full. Scanga said he’s waiting for snowmelt to clear the face of the dam and then it will begin filling. Rainbow Lake as been lowered so the big runoff can pass through and by the end of the month, Scanga expects it to begin filling. The key question river enthusiasts keep asking is, “Have we peaked?” “I don’t know,” Hopkins said. “I would guess we haven’t seen the peak, but who knows.”

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