Yampa River Festival: Riverboarding demo

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Here’s a recap of yesterday’s riverboarding demo at the Yampa River Festival, from Joel Reichenberger writing for the Steamboat Pilot & Today. From the article:

On Saturday, as [Danny Tebbenkamp] demonstrated the boards at the Yampa River Festival, it led to a seemingly endless line of questions from perplexed onlookers. Tebbenkamp first refers to a riverboard as a “boogie board that helps an adventure-minded soul ride the river.” Put away that first thought, though — these boards bear nothing in common with the thin panel of Styrofoam available for $2 on beaches across the world. The devices look more like a kneeboard meant to be dragged behind a boat than a traditional boogie board. A plethora of handles offer enough places to grab hold, and the boards are plenty light enough to haul around and buoyant enough to survive the rushing water of the Yampa.

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