Animas-La Plata project: Crest gate problems causing project to miss high spring runoff

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Reclamation has had to stop pumping water to Lake Nighthorse due to problems with the crest gates. Here’s a report from Katie Burford writing for the Durango Herald via the Cortez Journal. From the article:

Problems with the crest gates, which are part of an intake structure that allows water to flow into a forebay or fish screen area before it is pumped up the hill, caused the system to be shut down since early last week. “It’s a minor issue, but it keeps us from pumping any water,” said Barry Longwell, the bureau’s deputy construction engineer for the project. The gates are air operated, and one of the lines has become pinched. The result is that the gates can be moved only to the all-the-way-down or all-the-way-up positions.

Although the problem is expected to be remedied within a couple of days, the malfunction occurs as the river is flowing high from the spring snowmelt, which came unusually early this year. Tyler Artichoker, first-fill project manager, said officials had optimistically projected Lake Nighthorse could be full by July 2010, but that depended on being able to take advantage of the seasonal high flow.

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