Energy policy — nuclear: Montrose County Planning Commission weighing permit for Piñon Ridge uranium mill

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From the Cortez Journal (Joe Hanel):

The Montrose County Planning Commission delayed its decision on a special use permit for Energy Fuels Inc., which wants to build the Piñon Ridge uranium mill 12 miles west of Naturita in the Paradox Valley. Commissioners favored the mill, but they needed more time to craft language for the permit. The commission will make its decision July 1…

The mill would have effects far beyond the remote valley. It would be the first new American uranium mill in decades, and it would offer a convenient place to process ore from Colorado’s shuttered uranium mines. “The advantage of having this mill in this area is, because there are a lot of uranium mines around us, it’s a relatively short haul to the mill,” said Frank Filas, environmental manager for Energy Fuels. However, Filas also said Energy Fuels wants to process waste from other facilities, like water treatment plants, in addition to uranium ore. Most of Colorado’s uranium mines have shut down, and the mill’s local proponents hope it would lead to a new mining era.

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