Custer County: Round Mountain looking at a lease to Upper Ark

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From the Wet Mountain Tribune (Nora Drenner):

The Round Mountain Water and Sanitation District continues negotiations with the Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District regarding leasing some 20 acre feet of water from the RMW-owned Johnson Ranch to the UAWCD. A brief discussion regarding the matter took place during RMW’s regular board of directors’ meeting on June 4. At that time, chairman Darrell Niles said 20-acre-feet is an insignificant amount of water. Vice-chair Chris Haga agreed and he compared 20-acre-feet of water on the Johnson Ranch to one cup of water. Additionally, Haga estimated there was some 490-acre-feet of consumptive use water on the Johnson Ranch. RMW purchased the 320-acre ranch located south of Westcliffe in 2000 for the purpose of acquiring its water rights.

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