H.B. 09-1303: Admin Mineral Development Water Wells

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Governor Ritter signed H.B. 09-1303 (pdf) on June 2. Here’s a report from Randy Woock writing for The Trinidad Times Independent. From the article:

HB 1303 allows the state engineer to approve alternates to augmentation plans for CBM wells that withdraw waters considered tributary and that impact an “over-appropriated” stream for a period extending from March 31, 2010 to Dec. 31, 2012 in order to, “…provide sufficient time to integrate (CBM) wells into the water court adjudication process.”

The state engineer is allowed to approve the “temporary operation of a (CBM) well that withdraws tributary ground water” if several conditions are met that include providing written notification of the request for the approval of the substitute water plan to all parties on the substitute water supply plan notification list, after which the parties have 30 days to file comments with the state engineer.

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