Roaring Fork River restoration project

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From The Aspen Times (Janet Urquhart):

Commissioners, county staffers and a couple of neighboring residents tromped through the grass and mud along about a half-mile stretch of the river to see, first hand, the condition of the river where four property owners — including the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and Aspen Valley Land Trust — are seeking approval to alter the streambed and shore up eroding areas of the bank. “This is a stretch of river that has been degraded,” said Tom Cardamone, ACES executive director. One long, straight stretch in particular, where the river is a uniform depth and quite shallow in late summer, would gain riffles and pools to improve the trout habitat, explained Mike Claffey of Fruita-based Claffey Ecological Consulting Inc. An island formed by the buildup of sediment would be reshaped to match what can be seen in a 1968 aerial photo, he said.

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