Brush: Groundwater levels rise during this wet year

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From The Fort Morgan Times (Katie Collins):

On behalf of his parents, Arla and Herman Cook, Jeff Cook spoke about the family’s concern with water issues at the Prairie Ponds, Bolinger and Henry Discharge that relate their farmland south of Brush, on which the family has been farming for the past 59 years.

For years, Cook said, the depths of water tables have been monitored at a well on the southwest corner of their land near the Brush Prairie Ponds, and usually measures dry. During this wet year, he said, the water table is rising and currently is only six feet below ground. The amount of augmentation water being put into the northeast corner of the Prairie Ponds, pumped out by the city of Brush, has caused the water table to rise eight inches in the last 16 days, he added. Cook’s family is asking the council to work with the family to protect their farm and the farm’s production…

Utilities Director Dave Baker said no more augmentation water, with the exception of some spillover, would be pumped into Prairie Ponds and that pumping had stopped as of that day.

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