Eldorado Springs: Septic improvements moving ahead

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From the Boulder Daily Camera (Heath Urie):

The Boulder County commissioners on Tuesday approved an additional $260,850 toward the already-over-budget project, which the developer, Fischer Construction, said includes unforeseen costs of working on the mountain terrain. The new fees, for hand-digging trenches, laying pipe, general labor and removing rocks, brings the project to a total cost of about $2.4 million. Voters in 2003 approved a loan of $1.8 million, to be repaid by residents over 20 years through property-tax assessments. Keith Ickes, director of Boulder County’s administrative services office, said the new expenses make the work about 33 percent over budget, but there was no way to know the exact costs up front because the work is being done on a “design-build contract.”[…]

In 1999, Boulder County Public Health determined that of the more than 130 houses in Eldorado Springs, only 13 had approved septic systems. The rest were put in long before permits were required, many more than a half-century ago, and the county suspected some of the systems might be leaking into creeks.

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