Energy policy — oil and gas: Evaporation pond complex in Delta County draws crowd to meeting

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From the Delta County Independent (Hank Lohmeyer):

A public information forum held at the Bill Heddles Recreation Center last week and jointly sponsored by Delta County Economic Development (DCED, the former DADI) and the Western Slope Environmental Research Council (WSERC) held the prospect of softening some of Delta County’s rancorous disagreements over development and land use issues. Calling the event an “historic joining of hands of the two groups,” session moderator Tom Huerkamp said that he hoped a new sense of cooperation between the business development community and the environmental group could result. Delta County Economic Development and WSERC came together to host the forum and provide information on the proposed Wells Gulch Evap, Inc., non-hazardous solid waste disposal facility in remote western Delta County. Key design and operational details of Wells Gulch Evap’s plans have already been covered in detail by the DCI in a previous article (July 1, page 1A). Last week’s session at Heddles was intended to provide a face-to-face forum for exchange of information and views between county residents with environmental concerns and company officials who are working to address them.

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