South Fork: Get to know South Fork Water

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From The South Fork Times (Stan Moyer):

Residents and business owners in the South Fork area are facing a definite need to make decisions about water use and methods of supply in the relatively near future, according to several experts in the field who made presentations to an estimated fifty to sixty attending a “Get to Know South Fork Water” meeting at the Community Center on Highway 149 the evening of Monday, July 13. Although it would be nice to say, the issues discussed at the get-together promoted by Town Manager Todd Wright are not simple. The free handouts alone available at the meeting total 34 pages of detailed information from the Colorado Division of Water Resources, the San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District, and the District Court, Water Division No. 3, State of Colorado…

No political stand absolutely dictating one solution or another to South Fork future water supply problems was made by experts Mike Gibson, Manager of the San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District, headquartered in Alamosa, along with other presenters seemed to emphasize that the town needs to have either a large, centralized water system or a smaller alternative system to ensure that the town has a water supply at a reasonable cost in the near future. Estimates for a residential water bill ranged from $44 to $84 a month, as an average figure, depending on the size of the water distribution system.

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