Undecreed ponds are a target in El Paso County

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From The Colorado Springs Gazette (Bill Vogrin):

Already this year, Brian Sutton, water commissioner for the area that includes El Paso County, has opened cases against 15 or so ponds created either by the diversion of creek or river water, or well water. He said there may be 1,000 similar ponds in the area and he intends to bring every one of them into compliance. Sutton said he’s not trying to ruin anyone’s business or home landscaping. He’s just enforcing the law. “We’re talking about channel reservoirs that have a direct impact on stream flows,” Sutton said. “This is a big issue. I don’t want to see these ponds go. But there are people downstream who have senior water rights and they get priority. The water is for farmers downstream.”

More water law coverage here.

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