Iliff: Colorado State University to hold Limited Irrigation Field Day September 22

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From The Holyoke Enterprise:

Colorado State University (CSU) is hosting a Limited Irrigation Field Day Tuesday, Sept. 22 from 10 a.m. to noon one mile east of Iliff. This field day is open to all interested in learning more about practical research information regarding farming with limited irrigation resources. The research is sponsored by CSU and Parker Water and Sanitation District. The Lower South Platte Irrigation Research and Demonstration Project is now in its third year of study…

The program includes field plot tours with researchers showing their work on limited water cropping systems. Annual field crops shown in the research include corn, surgarbeet, canola, wheat and soybean. Two perennial crops are being studied as well: alfalfa and 15 grass species and varieties. A talk is included on the CSU weather station and public access to current data.

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