Standup paddling

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From The Denver Post (Scott Willoughby):

“My main concern as an advocate of stand-up paddling is to educate the managing agencies that it’s a valid way of paddling,” said Earl Richmond, co-owner of Buena Vista-based Colorado Kayak Supply and a member of last week’s Westwater SUP team. “I know there are going to be a bunch of stop signs out there and barricades to SUP, but education is key to get people to understand that it’s a safe way to get down a river. It’s like snowboarding back in the mid-’80s. You needed education to show people it would work to get down a mountain.”

For the small but growing legion of river surfers using lengthy paddles to maneuver through rapids on thick boards ranging from 9-12 feet long, Westwater Canyon is a dream destination. Its deep water and well-defined rapids combine with surfable waves and playful eddy lines to form a 17-mile ride through some of the most spectacular scenery this side of the Grand Canyon.

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