Climate Change and water supply in the Colorado River Basin

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Colorado River District general manager, Eric Kuhn, spoke yesterday evening up at the the Aspen Global Change Institute, “…which is hosting a workshop this week to explore how climate scientists and water managers can provide better information to government decision makers,” according to report from Brent Gardner-Smith writing for the Aspen Daily News. From the article:

Kuhn cited a survey done six months ago by the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization of people in the seven states that have a stake in Colorado River water, including Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, California and Nevada. The survey asked residents of those states, “Is climate change an established reality or an unproven myth?” People in Colorado are split 47 percent to 47 percent on the question. In Wyoming, only 35 percent of people think climate change is “an established reality,” while 62 percent of Californians think it is. Seventy-four percent of Democrats in those seven states think climate change is a reality, but only 25 percent of Republicans do, the survey found.

Kuhn said another survey found that in the 15 Western Slope counties that make up the Colorado River District, 83 percent of Democrats feel climate change should be given a high priority, while only 40 percent of Republicans felt the same way.

Yet Kuhn said evidence continues to point to a future with hotter temperatures and less water in the Colorado River.

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