Englewood, Littleton, Sheridan and Arapahoe County, Tri-Cities meeting recap

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From the Englewood Herald (Tom Munds):

Jeff Shoemaker, chairman of the foundation, talked about the work of the organization to representatives of Englewood, Littleton, Sheridan and Arapahoe County at the Feb. 5 Tri-Cities meeting. Since the foundation was formed in 1974, it has overseen an estimated $100 million in environmental, aquatic, recreational and open-space improvements along the South Platte rivers and its tributaries as they flow through portions of the Denver metro area. “We seek to improve and enhance the urban river environment all along the waterways,” Shoemaker said. “We estimate the $100 million in environmental improvements multiplies to almost $10 billion in economic development.”

He later explained that, if the banks of the South Platte and Cherry Creek had remained as they were 35 years ago, it is very unlikely those areas would have been chosen for the development stretching on the banks of the waterways from Invesco Field to Coors Field. He said the same it true farther south with the development of South Platte Park, the RiverPoint at Sheridan development and the new housing development on the site of the former Cinderella Twin Drive In.

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