Northern plans to kick off their Regional Pool Program to expand leasing for Colorado Big-Thompson Project water

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From The Fence Post:

Allocation of RPP water may come as soon as Friday, Feb. 12, when the Northern Water Board of Directors will decide whether to implement the program this year and, if so, how much water to place up for bid. Uncertainty about 2010 runoff potential might prompt the Board to postpone a decision until its March 12 meeting. RPP water is C-BT water that wasn’t needed by C-BT water users the year before. The Board allocates a quota of C-BT water each year for allottees, or unit holders. When allottees don’t use all their quota water, they can preserve, or carry over, some of it. If more remains, it automatically goes into the RPP and in certain circumstances can be leased the following year…

People who want to stay informed about the RPP can sign up for updates by e-mailing, check for the latest RPP news or call the Northern Water Distribution Systems Department at (970) 292-2500.

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