Animas-La Plata proponent Fred Kroeger steps down from Durango Water Commission

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Bump and update: From The Durango Herald editorial board:

If they are smart, members of the Durango Water Commission will take Fred Kroeger out to lunch once in a while. That is because his roots in La Plata County are deep, and what he did not experience in local leadership roles after returning from service in World War II, he learned from the older generation. Hearing his perspectives on Durango’s growth and the role water played will always be valuable to younger decision-makers.

From The Durango Herald (Garrett Andrews):

Kroeger, 92 this month, will step down from the city’s Water Commission after 64 years advocating for agricultural and Native American water rights. When asked why he decided to step away from public service, Kroeger was succinct: “I’m 92. I’ve been on some of these boards for 40, 50 years, and I thought maybe it’s time to take a break and let someone else do the right things.”

From The Durango Herald via an old Coyote Gulch post:

Fred Kroeger, a longtime advocate for the project, said he attended his first meeting to discuss future water needs in 1947, and in numerous subsequent meetings, the idea for the A-LP was born. “I think it’s wonderful,” Kroeger said. “It is tremendous for our community.” A groundbreaking was held in 1991, but because of delays due to environmental impacts, work did not start until 2002. In addition to the dam, other major components of the project include a 2[product]-mile, 76-inch pipeline between the pumping station next to the Animas River and the reservoir, and the Navajo Nation municipal pipeline from Farmington to Shiprock, a distance of about 22 miles.

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