Energy policy — nuclear: Montrose and Telluride largely on different sides with respect to the proposed Piñon Ridge mill

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From the Telluride Daily Planet (Reilly Capps):

One town tends toward cowboy boots, Stetsons and pickups. The other toward hiking books, knit caps and Subarus. There are a lot of differences between the Montrose and Telluride areas, though they’re located near each other. One more difference was on display in two public meetings Wednesday and Thursday about a uranium mill planned near Paradox. The mill, called Piñon Ridge, would take in 500 tons of uranium ore every day and churn out a small number of metal drums full of yellowcake, a radioactive substance used as nuclear fuel. The historic mining town of Telluride seems, by and large, opposed. The historic ranching community of Montrose seems, by and large, supportive.

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