Moffat Collection System Project: Boulder and Lafayette city councils approve IGA over water in expanded Gross Reservoir

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From the Boulder Daily Camera (Larry Qulling):

At the last Boulder City Council, meeting the Boulder and Lafayette city councils unanimously approved motions to implement Inter-governmental Agreements (IGA) between their cities and the Denver Water Board for a 5,000 acre foot environmental pool as part of the Moffat Expansion Project. What should not be lost from the council meeting is a keystone event which can provide in-stream flows for South Boulder Creek that have been missing for over 50 years. These two council votes culminate the planning and collaboration of nearly 10 years of effort. Two IGAs were approved which allow for the creation and operation of an environmental pool for South Boulder Creek as part of the Gross Reservoir expansion. Per the agreement, Lafayette will contribute the most water to the pool as part of their existing South Boulder Creek water rights portfolio. Boulder will also contribute to the pool through exchange of CBT leased rights into the pool. The agreement specifically states Denver Water cannot participate in nor have access to the environmental pool. Both Boulder and Lafayette will manage the pool to achieve targeted minimum flow October through April of as high as 7cfs to South Boulder Road. Lower minimum flow targets as planned below South Boulder Road all the way through the confluence to Middle Boulder Creek. The complete IGA package can be viewed at the City of Boulder Web site.

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