Monte Vista: City council approves water rights option purchase

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From The Monte Vista Journal (Dianne James):

The Monte Vista City Council on Thursday, Feb. 18, approved the purchase of an option to buy water rights from Sun Peaks corporation…

This equates as the 384.5 historic “consumption use” allocated to use (net water available to use). The Anderson Ditch up to 189 acre-feet of acquisiion/yield. Van Wormer told the council how the ditches’ volumes vary at different times of the year, going “up and down seasonally.” The current depletions are the amount of water pumped out of the aquifer for use by the city. “Because there is no ditch water running during January, February and March, the current depletions of 6.1 acre feet we use for municipal use, and we don’t have this ditch water to act as a replacement” the city is in deficit of 6.1 acre-feet, which equals about 10 months of deficit…

“We’re actually buying about 300 acre-feet from Sun Peaks.” He couldn’t guarantee that the price of water would not go up. Price per acre-foot, he said, was less than appraised value, speculating the ‘floor’ on costs in the Valley might be lower. No contract, by the other party, was signed. However, Van Wormer said that the water rights holder, rather than sell them to another party, wants to sell it to Monte Vista. The option to buy takes the water rights out of the market, locking them up until Monte Vista can get the finances in place to purchase them.

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