Colorado-Wyoming Coalition and the Pikes Peak Water Authority are chatting

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From the Tri-Lakes Tribune (Nicole Chillino):

Parker Water & Sanitation District Manager Frank Jaeger spoke to the authority’s board of directors at its monthly meeting about efforts being made by the Colorado-Wyoming Coalition to assess the potential availability of pumping water from the Flaming Gorge Reservoir to both states, with the emphasis in Colorado placed on supplying the Front Range. “I recommend signing up with these guys,” said the authority’s manager Gary Barber. “I think it’s the right project and the right leadership.”

Barber added he does not believe an interstate water deal will be accomplished without getting the government involved, which is where another group he has been part of — the Interbasin Compact Committee Arkansas Basin Roundtable — comes in. Working with the entity, he believes, would be the project’s ticket to working with the state’s general assembly and he would like to see the organization used as a forum for interest groups and others with interest in the project to gather questions about the project.

Jaeger agreed that later in the process, once the initial information has been gathered it would be appropriate to address questions and concerns, but he does not want to have this happen before the coalition knows whether the project will be feasible and has information about the details of the project, such as how much water will be available and how much water providers are going to want to use.

Jaeger is collecting signatures and $20,000 from each of the interested water providing entities in both states to help fund a study to examine the feasibility of setting up the project. He said the money will go toward determining who the players are and how much water each one will want from the project.

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