Boulder Reservoir below limits on certain contaminants

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From the Boulder Daily Camera (Heath Urie):

There is no evidence that motorized boats are leaving behind potentially deadly contaminants in Boulder Reservoir, according to a new study. Since last year, the city has been sampling water from the reservoir amid concerns from some residents that motor boats were contaminating it with byproducts from gasoline or oil. A city report shows that throughout 2009, tests consistently found “non-detectable” levels of harmful boating byproducts. The tests looked for increased levels of so-called “volatile organics” — benzene, a carcinogen; ethylbenzene, which can cause kidney and liver damage; toluene, which can damage kidneys, livers and the human nervous system; and xylene, which can affect the nervous system. “We never detected anything,” said Michelle Wind, Boulder’s drinking water program manager.

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