South Grand Mesa Planning Team is forming to draft a source water protection plan

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From the Delta County Independent (Hank Lohmeyer):

The objective of the effort is to create an official, documented record of watershed areas which are of critical concern to the domestic water providers in the Surface Creek and Ward Creek drainages. Then, with their watershed areas of interest clearly defined, it is hoped the group will continue working cooperatively to identify and mitigate potential impacts to the quality of their domestic source water supplies.

Representatives of a steering committee that will take the work forward, once a final plan is completed, is expected to include representatives from the following domestic water suppliers and others: The towns of Cedaredge and Orchard City, Upper Surface Creek Domestic Water Users Association, Coalby Domestic Water Company, Grand Mesa Water Conservancy District, Grand Valley Ranger District, and WSERC.

According to a draft of the source water protection plan which was distributed last week, the planning team identified the following issues of concern to water quality within the South Grand Mesa source water protection area: agricultural practices, oil and gas development and operations, septic systems, transportation on gravel roads and unimproved trails, private water wells, residential landscaping practices and chemicals, zebra and quagga mussels, reservoir operations and repairs, noxious weeds and invasive plant species, livestock grazing, various routine forestry practices including logging for needed timber sales, recreational vehicle use, wild land fires, above ground fuel storage tanks, Sudden Aspen Decline Syndrome and spruce beetle infestation on Grand Mesa old growth forest, and forest land management practices.

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