Durango: City council explores regulating Animas through town

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From The Durango Herald (Garrett Andrews):

Provisions in a proposed river ordinance would have prohibited alcohol in closed containers, imposed a curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and required life jackets for recreational users. A curfew might still pass in some form, but the alcohol and flotation-device provisions likely will be scrapped because of enforcement and financial considerations. “I believe it’s excessive and would limit access to an affordable and cherished summertime activity,” said Councilor Doug Lyon of the life-jacket provision Tuesday at the study session…

Public consumption of alcohol is illegal on the Animas, but, as Durango Police Chief David Felice said, that’s not an easy law to enforce. “We were down there all last summer watching people with kegs over one shoulder getting into rafts, and there’s nothing we can do. We saw it all day long; we can only cite once it’s open,” he said. What DPD officers would occasionally do is watch for consumption from the shore, follow subjects to the take-outs and issue citations. Felice said strict enforcement can even provide an incentive for drinkers to ditch their cans and bottles, and make collecting evidence more difficult for Felice’s officers.

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