Cedaredge: The Colorado Department of Health and Environment is looking into turbidity reporting for the treatment plant

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From the Delta County Independent (Bob Borchardt):

In his report to the Cedaredge Town Council, Roberts told the trustees that in the month of March he had received a call from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) questioning the town’s turbidity readings over the past several months…

In a separate interview, Roberts said CDPHE District Engineer Joycelyn Mullen told him that her office had flagged the town’s turbidity testing results. Roberts said Mullen told him that it was impossible for a town to have water as clean as is being reported by the Town of Cedaredge. Roberts noted that over the past several months, the turbidity readings for the town have been at a consistent .02. “Mullen told me that distilled water is .014, and that nobody can consistently produce .02 water.” But Randy Bodwell, chief plant operator for the Town of Cedaredge, told Roberts that a .02 reading is typical for Cedaredge during the winter months. Roberts said Mullen told him that Denver would launch an investigation to determine whether or not the town had been reporting fraudulent numbers on their reports to the CDPHE. Bodwell told Roberts that all the CDPHE had to do was to compare the current report to previous years.

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