Wiggins: Residents warned that nitrates in supply are too high for infants under 6 months old

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From The Fort Morgan Times (Dan Barker):

The Northeast Colorado Health Department gave the town notice that its water had nitrates at an unacceptable level for such young children to be drinking, Mayor Mike Bates said. Water nitrate levels reached 13.98 milligrams per liter, which is above the standard of 10 milligrams, a notice to the town said. According to health officials, healthy adults generally excrete nitrates, but infants younger than six months are sensitive to nitrate poisoning, which may result in serious illness or death. Nitrates are converted into nitrites, which reduce oxygen in the child’s blood, causing shortness of breath and blueness of the skin. This has given the condition the name of “blue baby syndrome.” A child’s health can deteriorate over a period of days in extreme cases. The notice sent to the town said people should not give Wiggins water to infants under six months or use it to make infant formula, juice or cereal.

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