Southern Delivery System: State Representative Sal Pace says that the effects on the project from the demise of Colorado Springs’ stormwater enterprise are still up in the air

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

“The Bureau of Reclamation must not award any contract without first demanding that the stormwater enterprise be re-instituted,” state Rep. Sal Pace, D-Pueblo, said. “We in Pueblo must have that assurance before SDS is given a contract in Lake Pueblo.” In April, Pace called for a new environmental analysis of SDS in light of Colorado Springs City Council’s decision to abolish the stormwater enterprise last year. Pace was unable to attend the first negotiating session for SDS this week because of a family emergency, but said his stance has not changed. “If the stormwater enterprise was deemed so important in these environmental studies by Reclamation and Colorado Springs officials when promoting SDS, then there must be serious consequences upon its demise,” Pace wrote in the letter.

Colorado Springs attempted to head off controversy over the issue in the opening round of negotiations for federal SDS contracts, even though the issue wasn’t raised by the Bureau of Reclamation. “Colorado Springs’ stormwater-control measures for new development are totally independent from the stormwater enterprise and will remain unchanged,” SDS Project Director John Fredell said. Reclamation’s environmental impact statement concluded that SDS return flows would have a small impact on storm flows, Fredell said…

Pueblo County, in its comments on the environmental impact statement by attorney Ray Petros, told Reclamation additional environmental studies would be needed if Colorado Springs eliminated its stormwater enterprise. Reclamation answered Pueblo county’s concerns with the environmental impact statement by saying the stormwater enterprise appeared to be a reasonably foreseeable action, so was included as part of the cumulative effects analysis. “Implementation of the Colorado Springs stormwater enterprise has purposes that are independent of the SDS Project and is not considered a mitigation measure,” Reclamation stated in the reply.

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