Greeley: A look back at the life of Burton Davis Sanborn

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From The Greeley Tribune (Peggy A. Ford Waldo):

Burton Davis Sanborn (1859-1914) was 11 years old when he came to Greeley with his parents, John and Jennie, who were members of the Union Colony…

Sanborn realized water was the key to development in northern Colorado. He organized the Seven Lakes Reservoir Co., with reservoirs located on more than 800 acres northeast of Loveland. The largest, Boyd Lake, was almost solely financed by Sanborn and completed in 1908. In 1901, several small irrigation companies were incorporated as the North Poudre Irrigation Co. with B.D. Sanborn as president, Charles H. Wheeler as treasurer and George M. Houston (his father-in-law) as secretary. The company had $400,000 in capital stock, 14 reservoirs and 20,000 acres of land for sale. In 1901-02, its most expensive project was the construction of Fossil Creek Reservoir.

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