Steamboat Springs: Rate payers are facing $70 million in maintenance and build out costs

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From Steamboat Today (Mike Lawrence):

City Public Works Director Philo Shelton said Thursday that a water-main replacement in the Indian Trails area, across U.S. Highway 40 from the Stock Bridge Transit Center west of downtown, is out to bid and could begin at the end of this month…

Next on the city’s list, Shelt on said, are water-line improvements on 13th Street, toward the Fairview neighborhood.

Two sewer-line replacements — in the alley between City Hall and Lincoln Avenue near 10th Street, and from West Lincoln Park to the Dream Island area — are designed and ready to go when funds allow, he added.

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Gunnison River Basin: Many eyes are on the basin’s available water

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

Discussions started in June after the two groups met in Salida to look at common interests that also would meet a statewide goal to provide 200,000 acre-feet of water from the Aspinall Unit — Blue Mesa, Morrow Point and Crystal reservoirs — for use in Colorado. “We agreed conceptually that the state should have a pool of 200,000 acre-feet to reserve against a call by the Lower Basin states that would benefit both the East Slope and the West Slope,” said Jeris Danielson, a water consultant and former state engineer.

Details of the agreement are still being worked out. If successful, it would be a rare instance of roundtables working together to achieve an “interbasin compact,” which is the chief purpose of the 2005 legislation that created the roundtables.

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Arkansas Valley: Southern Delivery System and Arkansas Valley Conduit open meetings this week

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

The Bureau of Reclamation will conduct the meetings as it prepares for environmental impact statements for both projects: the Arkansas Valley Conduit and a master contract for excess-capacity storage in Fryingpan-Arkansas Project reservoirs. “Each open house will consist of informational displays, a brief presentation and opportunities for providing comments,” said Kara Lamb, Reclamation spokeswoman. The open houses are Monday in Salida, Tuesday in La Junta, Wednesday in Lamar and Thursday in Fountain and Pueblo.

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