Energy policy — nuclear: The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Cotter Corp. are teaming up to request dismissal of Colorado Citizens Against Toxic Waste lawsuit

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Tracy Harmon):

Attorney Jeffrey Parsons filed an amended lawsuit in January against the state health department on behalf of Canon City residents who are group members. The suit alleges a decommissioning bond, set up to cover costs of eventual closure of the Canon City mill, remains inadequate. Cotter Corp. has agreed to put up a bond for up to $20.8 million by June to cover costs of decommissioning the entire mill when it closes. The state estimates cleanup will cost about $43.7 million while Cotter estimates it would be $23.2 million…

In a response to the lawsuit filed Feb. 23, senior assistant attorneys general Thomas Roan and Jerry Good, working on behalf of the state health department, push for dismissal of the suit. “Colorado Citizens against Toxic Waste claims its members live in close proximity to Cotter’s milling facility and would be adversely affected if the facility is not fully reclaimed . . . if the state lacks sufficient funds to fully decommission and reclaim the facility,” the response reads. The claimed injury is speculative, the attorneys argue, and it alleges no facts to support a claim of an actual or imminent concrete injury. In the event reclamation work stops, “Cotter remains liable for all costs associated with decommissioning,” the response reads. The “remote possibility” that Cotter would not have the finances to fully address the liability is not sufficient to support a finding of injury in fact, the attorneys argue.

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