Basin Roundtable Summit recap

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From The Crested Butte News (Alissa Johnson):

“There was good representation among the nine roundtables across the state, and the Gunnison Basin Roundtable in particular was well represented,” [Frank Kugel, Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District (UGRWD) board general manager] said. Ten Gunnison Basin Roundtable members attended the summit, just one indication of many that momentum is building around water issues—particularly since the Statewide Water Supply Initiative of 2010 suggested that every waterbasin in Colorado will face water shortages by 2050…

According to UGRWD board member Steve Glazer, discussion highlighted the complexity of the issues at hand.
“It was an interesting dynamic in that there were a lot of water professionals that are on the roundtables… and there were volunteers. There was a noticeable [difference in] knowledge as a result. It was educational, and it was affirmative and contradictory all at the same time,” Glazer said. “Some of the less informed people need a lot of education because they’re not as aware of the intricacies and details.”[…]

“In some circles, especially on the Front Range, people want to see new water projects built,” Kugel continued, “but there are many of us on the Western Slope who believe that we need to address other approaches before we go to new water supply projects.” Some studies, like a report released last week by Water Resource Advocates, suggest that conservation could fill much of the water supply gap. But as Steve Glazer points out, conservation is no easy topic either.

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